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Recreational Components

No matter if it's work or play, Modern Forge Companies, LLC supplies its widest array of forgings and finished solutions to the Recreational Market. Modern has an uninterrupted supply to the Recreational Market dating back to 1916. Whether you're talking ATV's, UTV's Motorcycles, Outboard Marine Motors or Snowmobiles, you can find Modern's parts on the industry leading machines. At Modern we pride ourselves on supplying unconventional forgings and finished solutions in geometrical shapes and configurations that our competitors cannot match. Modern's sales, quality and engineering staff have a deep technical understanding of this industry, and are able to support our customers unlike our competitors. Having vertically integrated machining and assembly capabilities has allowed Modern to provide quick and competitive solutions to the Recreational Industry. In addition, Modern has a vast network of machining and finishing partners that allow us to provide nearly every finish solution to our customers, whether it be machining, painting, plating, welding, broaching, etc.