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Hammer Forging Services

At Modern Forge Companies, LLC, we believe in quality, precision, and service. With 19 high-speed programmable hammers, we proudly provide our clients with reliable hammer forging for diverse applications: from automotive and marine to heavy-duty trucking and oilfield industries. Our automated reducer rolls can be employed to maximize productivity and reduce raw material, and robotic assisted production cells can further enhance the forging process. Our hammer capacities range from 1 to 50 pounds, accommodate lengths up to 36 inches, and feature a hammer torque ranging from 8,000 ft-lbs to 96,000 ft-lbs. To learn more about hammer forging with Modern Forge or to inquire about our other services, please contact us today.

Hammer Forging Capabilities

Equipment Capabilities
19-High Speed Programmable Hammers
Automated Reducer Rolls
Cross Roll Pre-Forming
Robotics Applied When Needed
Alloy Steels
Carbon Steels
Stainless Steel
Forging Weight
50 lbs
Maximum Forging Length
36 in
609.6 mm
Hammer Torque
8,000 Ft-lbs
96,000 Ft-lbs
Secondary Forging Processes
Cold Coining
Heat Treat
  • Quench & Temper
  • Normalizing
  • Annealing
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Shot Blast